The Eternal Debate

An Embalming and Mortuary Science Podcast

Presented by two qualified and practicing embalmers, Rachel Carline & Andy Floyd, The Eternal Debate Podcast covers the world of Embalming and Mortuary Science as well as other aspects of the funeral profession.

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Presented By

Andy Floyd

Andy has been involved within funeral services, serving as a funeral director/embalmer for over twenty years.  In 2018, his passion for professionalism through education led to him opening the doors to La Calavera College, the first dedicated mortuary science college in the UK.

Now a Principal for the college on a full-time basis, Andy provides theory and practical tuition for the science and art of embalming. Away from his teaching commitments, Andy still serves as a trade embalmer through Avalos & Floyd Embalming Solutions.

Rachel Carline

Rachel Carline has worked in the funeral profession for a decade, six of which have been employed as a full time, qualified embalmer.
She has specialist qualifications in Cranio-facial reconstruction, soft tissue restoration and post mortem skin.

Rachel is passionate about promoting embalming and its benefits, dedicating much of her time to education of those both in and out of the profession.


Episode 17

Restricted: Reclassified

WARNING: This is a ‘restricted’ podcast. Listen carefully to the guidelines and please ensure you keep a path of least resistance open at all times.

Episode 16

Waterless or Water less

Join Andy and Rach as they ‘concentrate’ their discussion on the power of pure water and how a little really can go a long way. Is ‘waterless’ embalming really what you thought it was? Listen up and learn when to hold back on turning that tap.

Episode 15

…And Not A Drop To Leak

Following on from our synchronised dive into the deep end of oedema in Episode 14, Andy and Rach wade through the embalming management of the oedema case and cast their views on effective procedures for the pre, during and post embalming care of the fluid retentive deceased.

Episode 14

Water, Water Everywhere

No leaks allowed! But what about Oedema cases? 

Join Andy and Rach in the latest TEDcast and the first of a special two part ‘Oedema Edition’ where we dive deep into the science behind the condition.

Episode 13


Happy Easter everyone! Spring is in full swing and temperatures are on the climb but how does a warm ice-cream link to a frustrating problem experienced by embalmers!?

Listen to The Eternal Debate Episode 13 to find out if any of the deceased you have looked after have been Thermo-affecTED.

Episode 12

The Eternal Debate Meets Kari the Mortician

Join Rach & Andy as they chat with their very first guest on The Eternal Debate, the wonderful Kari the Mortician! It’s an episode full of laughter, the dispelling of salacious mistruths and the eternal debate of is it a coffin or a casket, as well as a great Q&A with Kari were she answers our listeners’ questions.

For more from Kari you can find her on Facebook and Instagram before joining her other 99.9k subscribers on YouTube!

Episode 11

Dye-ing Matters

Join Rach and Andy for the third episode in their arterial solution trilogy where the mystery of dyes, perfumes and salts are ‘solved’ with a little help from water (sometimes alcohol) and discover the magic of emulsification as oil and water miraculously ‘mix’.

Episode 10

Controlling Influences

Join Rach and Andy in the second of a trilogy of episodes looking into chemicals used in embalming. Buffers, anticoagulants, surfactants and humectants are the modifying agents up for discussion!

Episode 9

Dr Jekyll and Formaldehyde

Join Rachel and Andy as they start the debate on the divisive chemical preservative formaldehyde.

Love it or hate it, how much do you really know about it? It has held its own as a reliable preservative and disinfectant for well over a century, but just how dark is its darker side? Why do its alternatives never seem to make the grade?

Let the debate begin!

Episode 8

Rigor Mortis – It’s A Bit of a Bind

Join your hosts Rach and Andy for a Hallowe’en special as they discuss the post-mortem phenomenon that is Rigor Mortis. A condition you may think you know, but do you know it well? Acidic tissue, deteriorating cells and one final Myosin fling. It’s a story of harsh conditions, decomposing tissue and a loving embrace destined to be broken apart…forever!

Episode 7

Death and Discolouration

In this time of ‘body positive’ can an embalmer really be sure when they open that fridge door? Join Rachel and Andy as they dip their brushes into an assorted palette of post-mortem discolourations.

Episode 6

Embalming, Refrigeration and The Environment

Back after a 5 month hiatus due to the Covid-19 disruption, Rach and Andy consider the real conext of ‘Drinking Grandma’, discuss a broken seal on Producer Si’s fridge as well as the effects Embalming may, or may not have on the environment.

Episode 5

The One That Went ‘Viral’

In this topical edition of The Eternal Debate, Rach and Andy discuss the awful effects of the Covid-19 coronavirus and the impact that it is having on the world and the embalming profession.

Episode 4

Let’s Talk About Embalming

We’re back! After a busy festive break, Rachel and Andy have been back in the studio to discuss what it’s like to be an active Embalmer, why we Embalm the deceased and the history of the occupation.

Episode 3

Vein Drainage

This time around, Rachel and Andy tackle the first listener requested topic in the shape of Vein Drainage. If you have any other subjects that you want to hear covered, give us a shout on our social media pages!

Episode 2

Pressure and Rate of Flow

Now for the real stuff! Following on from the Introduction to Pressure and Rate of Flow, Rachel and Andy dive into how it applies in a practical sense.

Episode 2 Intro

An Introduction to Pressure and Rate of Flow

In the first part of a bumper episode on Pressure and Rate of Flow during the Embalming process, Rachel and Andy go over a few of the basic principles.

Episode 1

The Embalming Equation

Pilot Episode | Rachel and Andy discuss the dreaded Embalming Equation and its benefits in modern embalming.

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