The Eternal Debate

An Embalming and Mortuary Science Podcast

Presented by two qualified and practicing embalmers, Rachel Carline & Andy Floyd, The Eternal Debate Podcast covers the world of Embalming and Mortuary Science as well as other aspects of the funeral profession.

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Presented By

Andy Floyd

Andy has been involved within funeral services, serving as a funeral director/embalmer for over twenty years.  In 2018, his passion for professionalism through education led to him opening the doors to La Calavera College, the first dedicated mortuary science college in the UK.

Now a Principal for the college on a full-time basis, Andy provides theory and practical tuition for the science and art of embalming. Away from his teaching commitments, Andy still serves as a trade embalmer through Avalos & Floyd Embalming Solutions.

Rachel Carline

Rachel Carline has over nine years experience working in the funeral profession four of which have been spent employed as a full time, qualified embalmer with Co-op Funeralcare.

She is a proud and active member of the British Institute of Embalmers and served as the chair-person for the North West in 2018.


Episode 7

Death and Discolouration

In this time of ‘body positive’ can an embalmer really be sure when they open that fridge door? Join Rachel and Andy as they dip their brushes into an assorted palette of post-mortem discolourations.

Episode 6

Embalming, Refrigeration and The Environment

Back after a 5 month hiatus due to the Covid-19 disruption, Rach and Andy consider the real conext of ‘Drinking Grandma’, discuss a broken seal on Producer Si’s fridge as well as the effects Embalming may, or may not have on the environment.

Episode 5

The One That Went ‘Viral’

In this topical edition of The Eternal Debate, Rach and Andy discuss the awful effects of the Covid-19 coronavirus and the impact that it is having on the world and the embalming profession.

Episode 4

Let’s Talk About Embalming

We’re back! After a busy festive break, Rachel and Andy have been back in the studio to discuss what it’s like to be an active Embalmer, why we Embalm the deceased and the history of the occupation.

Episode 3

Vein Drainage

This time around, Rachel and Andy tackle the first listener requested topic in the shape of Vein Drainage. If you have any other subjects that you want to hear covered, give us a shout on our social media pages!

Episode 2

Pressure and Rate of Flow

Now for the real stuff! Following on from the Introduction to Pressure and Rate of Flow, Rachel and Andy dive into how it applies in a practical sense.

Episode 2 Intro

An Introduction to Pressure and Rate of Flow

In the first part of a bumper episode on Pressure and Rate of Flow during the Embalming process, Rachel and Andy go over a few of the basic principles.

Episode 1

The Embalming Equation

Pilot Episode | Rachel and Andy discuss the dreaded Embalming Equation and its benefits in modern embalming.

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